FAQ Category: Why an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based System?

SmarTHERM Thermostats (HVAC)

If I must leave the house, for how long will I have to leave before it becomes advantageous to lower the temp?

A:  From 1 minute and up!  In other words, no matter the absence time, there’s always gain to make in lowering the temp.   

OK, but some days won’t it be too uncomfortable at wake-up time in the morning or at home come back time at the end of the afternoon?

A:  Not if you have an AI based system like the SmarTHERM able to restore the wanted temp at the wanted time and this within a more or less 5 minutes error gap!   

But how low can the temp fall after a temp setback of 8 hour?

A:  Short answer, it depends of lots of factors (outdoor temp, wind speed and direction, presence of sunshine or not, quality of house insulation , etc.).  In fact, generally speaking, with an AI based system like the SmarTHERM, the temp will rarely fall for more than 5°F (3°C).  By rarely extreme cold weather (-15°F (-25°C)), the…
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Until what degree is it still economical to lower the temp?

A:  As low as you can endure! (mainly in daytime when everybody is out of home)  Why? Lower degrees are the most economical degrees to regain!             Higher degrees are the most costly degrees to regain (and to maintain by the way).    

What makes the SmarTHERM better than any other Thermostat based systems?

A: First, the fact that the SmarTHERM is Computer (PC) based gives it immense capabilities in terms of computing, data storage, data mining, data analysis, statistics, infos for the user, etc.     Second, the fact that the system includes a Weather Station gives it unique capabilities in terms of capacity to adapt to real…
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Why is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based System so important?

A: Because only an AI based system can learn by itself from the habits of the occupants of the house, the characteristics of the building (space, insulation, windows, etc.), the weather conditions (temp, wind, sun, etc.), and adapt its behavior accordingly, without human intervention.