SmarTHERM Thermostats (HVAC)


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SmarTHERM Demo

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Download the DEMO!
(Size: 399k)



The SmarTHERM program works on almost any PC running Windows 98 and above.

The program has a very small footprint for such a sophisticated program.
(The program occupies only 399k of space on the harddisk or any other media).
Even with all the data required to do its job, the space barely exceeds 400k.

On the other hand, the program has absolutely NO impact on your machine nor on your Windows installation and/or configuration.

The program is self contained in one directory and one directory only.

It does not clutter up the Windows Registry nor the Windows Directories nor the Windows Installation or Configuration files.

It can be erased from the PC simply by deleting the SmarTHERM directory where it has been installed.


This demo is 100% fully functional except that it is not connected to your heating and air conditioning system. It completely simulates all the temperature conditions you would like to subject it to, as well as any programming scenarios you would like to test.

For more details, see the README.txt file.


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